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Work and Luck

Tonight, I’ve been grappling with thought about work and luck. The boys have been talking a lot about getting jobs. They are so excited by it, but they are lucky to get to want this rather than to have to do it right now at these young ages.

They are lucky boys. That they have each other too is invaluable. (These roses were made as a virtual goodbye to graduating high school students). In the day to day, especially as children, it can be hard to recognize luck.

I read once that there are several kinds of luck-

blind luck, on which you can’t count, luck that comes sign persistence and aggressive actions and luck that comes from preparedness.

I think about this every time I think about those who grow food for the country. It’s such labor intensive work, and certainly they are among the hardest workers I know.

But I wonder how many of them would consider themselves lucky.

They work from dawn to dusk, and it is a labor of love. These days the incredibly weathly work long hours for the highest rewards. They are lucky. But here in the rural margins, the long hard work is not remunerated in conventional ways. It’s just done. It’s done for duty and love.

I usually tell the boys that when they practice it’s an investment in their future selves, like those growers and farmers. And though that’s true, these days I am less excited about explaining it that way. These days I feel I need to teach the boys that when they practice or work hard, it’s not for some future version of success. It’s for the love of the music and the duty of commitment.

We’ll see how we’ll that goes over.

In the meantime I feel lucky to be their mama knowing that it is an endless job I have to work at to do well. And I want to be so good at this job. But I have a hard time getting my colleagues to give me too much feedback. Guess I’ll just have to go on faith.

Hope you find some faith as well in these difficult days.


Dr Swae


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