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Weekend Addition Edition

It‘s hard to know sometimes where we are headed and what is in store for the future for us all. The entire year the boys look forward to July 4. This year the celebration has been canceled. We will have to find our own ways to celebrate. #fireworks in the yard, music, watermelon, barbecues, potato salad, stories of independence...

Calling all idea people. Family in need of math tutor, ideas and hope for summer break. One can only read and reread and set brothers up to fill in for their mama so many times.

Asa has it down and can fill in for me and read to Sarge. Buth it gets old for them both.

W helps as much as he can but he is getting bigger now and has his own interests.

Hard not to treat him like a much bigger boy than his brothers given that he so tall. But we always try to remember how young 11 really is and we encourage him to hold onto the magic of being a kid.

There’s plenty of time to forget.

For skin cancer awareness, don’t forget to check to be sure your freckles are even in their pigmentation. Be on the lookout for dark brown or two toned spots and seek help if they concern you or they are irregular.


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