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Stop and Smell the Flowers

There’s always a little more to the story.

When I took this picture I told W how I was marveling at the casual, understated beauty of the flower arrangement.

And I was, in part.

But the truth of the matter is that I was fully marveling at the sweet, sometimes sassy boy who picked up his Swiss Army knife and decided to put the arrangement together. What prompted it? I’m so sad I didn’t ask.

So much goes on in these little big minds and it is so under wraps sometimes.

I‘m thinking next week at lesson Ill have a section, “Draw Your Dreams”.

Mostly I’m just insanely curious about their hopes and goals. But also sometimes one has to see a dream to make it come alive.

So I‘m not just thinking about myself here. Mostly.

In any case, I’m sure there will be a wide, wild assortment!

They are so young and full of hope and potential - little sprouts ready to bring life to someone‘s world.

I am so lucky that for now it gets to be mine.

They are growing so fast I can hardly stand it. I keep trying to catch glimpses so I can hold onto a bit of them before they soar out of the nest. Speaking of that (and flying), here is E’s attempt at levitation...

Sometimes they want so badly get off the ground and I just want to squeeze them forever!


May is Skin Cancer Awareness month. In honor of it, this month let’s work on keeping our skin in the best of health and I’ll let you know some pointers on doing just that.

First up - when your community is back up and running, one place to which you should never return- the tanning bed. It’s a huge risk for skin cancer, early aging, photo injury, and a host of other bad things. Just skip it- you’ve gone this long🙏🏼

Have a lovely weekend, wherever you are.


Dr Swae

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