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Secret Gardens

How are you holding up this week? The days are more uncertain, but I feel a hope in the air.

We went to the boys' school to pick up their belongings and packets today.

One had a small cream colored envelope that held wildflower seeds. Another had some felt and wool to make a gnome for the garden along with instructions on how to sew up the sides. It will look like this when it is all done.

Or here is another little guy in action, a little more weathered in our window pots...

We were glad though to get to see some familiar sights at school. The raised beds were a little untidy but still beckoning and beautiful.

And somehow the back garden by sugaring camp, wild and overgrown, seemed more inviting than ever. There really is something magical and oddly alluring about an overgrown garden.

It holds both history and potential.

Back at home, we did well with our baking, now that we got more flour for our bread. Tomorrow (I think) we will experiment with oat flour for pancakes. We will see how ambitious I am in the morning.

Sarge just loves any opportunity to use a kitchen appliance. He always ends up with the ingredients all over his hands, in his hair, on his face. But he loves every minute that he gets to listen to the "vroom". He thinks I can't see him. But he is the light in the room.

His little nail is growing back on that creamy hand in the picture. I am so glad. I just felt so terrible when it became clear it was going to fall off. Of course I took it worse than he did, as the fourth little boy in the house. It still hurts to think about. I can't imagine that having happened to my first boy because his experience as a baby was so different. But I think now, well, let's just say it has all equilibrated.

But speaking of nails, we should talk about them for Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Did you ever hear of nail streaks? Pigmented bands? Did you ever see anything that looks like this?

A pigmented band under the nail can be a sign of trouble, especially if it's under just one nail. Watch out for the following things:

1. Is the band wide?

2. Is it uneven or irregular in its pigmentation or width?

3. Does it have a little blueish hue at the cuticle?

4. Is there a bump or growth associated?

5. Is it new?

These are some, but not all of the questions you should ask yourself if you see a pigmented streak in the nail. No one is immune.

Though many skin cancers are caused by the sun, not all are, and they can happen even in people with darker skin. Let's bust the myth and get the secret out.

This musical legend, gone too soon, succumbed to melanoma. It happens, but it doesn't have to be as dreadful if you know what to look for. Check your skin, regardless of its color. Check your toes and fingers too.


Dr. Swae

(image credits toe: https://www.aimatmelanoma.org/, Marley: Reggaeville.com and Bob Marley's estate)

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