• DrSwae

Ring Around the Rosy

Hi there.

We are having a time at home trying to catch up with the River of life. The water has been high and stormy lately.

Did I show you this little explorer? He couldn’t understand why I got upset. Now neither can I.

Between bouts of scrubbing marker, the last 24 hours was also spent refereeing wrestling matches,playing some board games and some chase games, building a fire and for me going into work.

Scott had these little rascals who made him nice and tired. I swear a cure for insomnia is dealing with a houseful of hungry boys all day


Our house can be like a big game of ring around the rosy. We just need to make sure to wring ourselves out after we all fall down. More importantly, we need to be there to help each other up.

xo, Dr Swae


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