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Learning of Luck

One thing that astounds me is how much of a role luck plays in life. It is a sad sobering truth, but it is not the only truth.

We can choose our luck, choose our mindset and ability to see it, choose what we do with the hand we are dealt. This, to me, is freeing.

I am a lucky woman, beyond measure. My boys are the world to me and to Scott. That world is made more beautiful by family and friends.

Tonight, in thinking about our day, I need to pay homage some of this luck.

It just so happens that our dearest friends, adoptive grandparents to our boys and extraordinary neighbors are a knowledge powerhouse team.

One happens to be a master gardener.

I just text pictures or the boys bring clippings and we get so much information. I just have to remember to write it down.

I think he said the first photo was False Solomon’s Seal and this one below, Horsetail.

Cool, right?!

When I know this stuff, it clears my head so I can focus on the other ways I found grace today.

Seeing Ace happily struggle to get out of his wet swim shirt was sheer delight!

This was followed by big brother putting his life jacket on his legs instead of arms to make his brothers laugh.

And of course, nothing tops seeing them play together so pleasantly. I’ll leave you with the below image last so it might leave the impression that their good natured spirits lasted. (They didn’t, but you can’t win em all).

Skin Cancer Awareness- when we look for melanomas we look for blue, black, grey or irregular brown. But a red, fragile or firm irregular growth deserves our attention too especially if it bleeds. Don’t wait if you have one.


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