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Is He In There?

We had another beautiful day today which made everyone’s mood soar a bit higher.

I’m starting with the end here, but I loved this picture so much, it had to be first. Asa and W ended the night with dad and some lakeside fishing, a win for all. While they were out Sarge, Jack and I read some stories and hunkered under the covers, another solid win.

The day was otherwise defined by planting. Like so many others across the country, we took to the dirt this weekend, pulling and digging and planting and watering whatever we could get our hands around.

The gardening fervor mounts every spring, but this year it is different- stronger. We all need some hope after these brutal last few months.

Very few things are as capable of generating hope as seeing a green sprout push through the ground. As to be a part of that push is sublime.

So we set to it, snacking as we went.

There was such variety to consider, and not nearly enough time or space to meet our desires.

But we more than made do.

We got some education in with the boys getting to “help” Scott use measuring tape. This required skills with tape and more importantly with patience. The goal was to properly space the trees but also to appreciate what six feet actually is when passing a neighbor.

Today felt like the scene in Groundhog Day when Bill Murray’s character finally realized what he needs to do to advance time, and he starts to get it right.

For skin cancer awareness- much of what we get outside is UVA energy. This is dangerous, but so is UVB which is often more likely to cause a burn.

To protect against both, use sun protection (ie clothing, shade, hats, etc) over sun block or sun screen.


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