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Full Circle

Hi friends.

Thinking of you today and hoping you’re well.

Whoa today was a very full day. When we first woke up, the air outside was so inviting. We had no choice but to answer the call of the warm morning air.

Actually, up here it’s called the Polar Bear Club. Really only two (or one and a half) of us went in. Though the lake warmed up considerably, at that time it was frigid. Or so I heard.

The rest of us watched from the shore where the temperature was perfect.

Later we went back to the house and worked on our lessons. W was riveted by his work. I just don’t know how he’ll ever have fun once school is over. Sheer joy in those brown eyes!

Ace was just excited he got to use a tablet on his own. You can see next to his right hand is evidence he wasn’t actually working much on school. There goes the tablet idea.

Ev does best with a task, and I know he will stay out of trouble if he has a job to accomplish and check off, “complete”.

So tomorrow I’m assigning the entire work book.

Don’t judge. This boy is a machine. Trust me, you might do the same.

And this one below was just content to do what big bro was doing. There was lots of pointing. He has two new words, “bee” and “shoe”. So now, everything is either dog, vacuum, this, bee or shoe. He just needs some verbs. Developmentally they must come later. Remind me to check that. I mean, we spend so much time naming these things. It just makes sense.

Later we planted some seeds from our Auntie in Washington. We did clear those dandelions and weeds first, I think.

Ace was on the task for his garden.

And after dinner we were back at it, ending the day as we started. Usually, if I wind up where I started, I tend to lament how little I’ve done and that I didn’t gain any ground. But tonight, “Full Circle“ couldn‘t be any better. Emphasis on the full.

For skin cancer awareness- remember that at no time is protection against a sunburn more important than in childhood. Play before 10am and afternoon 2pm. Seek the shade and don’t burn.


Dr Swae

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