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We had to go to the boys‘ school this week to pick up supplies and drop off cards and gifts for the teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week.

It was a bittersweet walk through the halls, seeing their projects again, through new lenses.

I always loved this map. The boys‘ movement teacher is from the orange country at the bottom of that map, a place he left long ago for the US. He used to go back to see his family, lugging back all the unclaimed items from the year before‘s lost and found bin to kids there who didn’t have anything.

I passed the bin in the hallway- full now, and no plane rides on the schedule. Getting things where they need to go seems to be a problem these days. I can't say I fully understand it.

The kids loved to hear the teacher's stories about his home country, told with his rhythmic drums. They were always captivated by his stories of children walking miles to school. I sometimes wonder whether those little children walking miles through South African hamlets in their lost and found T-shirts must wonder about Vermont too.

We had a good day here at home, We sat on the swing, played in the grass, did some dress up and overall enjoyed each other's company.

Ev, who decided he wanted to be called Jack this week, had to endure a mom-discussion on respecting his brother's personal space. But Sarge didn't seem to mind the company.

Speaking of company, I did find a stranger on my couch. But after being charmed by his hard to place accent we decided he could stay for dinner. This keeps happening and I can't understand that either.

Sarge decided he wanted to get to work on his music skills but I didn't have the heart to tell him I was maxed out for the day. Luckily he didn't seem to notice the violin was in the wrong hand, and upside down. I just had to keep singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

He is learning to point at the stars , which is wonderful because it is just exactly the time his brothers are getting into the night sky.

It always brings up thoughtful, curious conversations. Why does the moon change? Why do people say it is made of cheese? What will the sky look like tonight? Do people far away see the same sky? If the moon lights up two different countries does it make them the same?

Some of these I have better answers for than others. But the biggest thing is that I hope my answers keep them curious.

Tonight, in the ABCDE's of melanoma, we will talk about that B. B is for Border. Is it even in edges, regular, well marginated? An irregular border can be bad news with a mole. So get it checked out.

Be well tonight.


Dr. Swae

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