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Balancing Cultivated and Wild

Hello there. How is your week going?

We had a full day today, cleaning up the gardens outside and getting ready for spring.

We found these beautiful trillium (I think) by the road, and though they are considered invasive they are also considered beautiful by us.

Then we found these beautiful violets which we are going to try to collect to make violet honey or candies Violet (sometimes I’m ambitious). The lighter ones might be periwinkle so we will make sure to leave those out just in case.

Then these blossoms should open up as it gets warmer so I‘ll fill you in when they do.

The boys had a blast today just being outside. They had to take a well deserved break for a recharge and snack. I honestly have no idea where that tire came from. But somehow it kept them out of trouble for more than an hour. I owe a lot to that piece of rubber.

And while they were busy balancing on a tire big bro was busy trying to tame a snake. No luck. The snake was not happy at all and I was sure it wasn’t going to end well despite their nonvenomous bite which I am sure still hurts. But W of course let him go in a safe spot and then spent the rest of the day begging me for a pet snake. (The answer is still a solid no).

But speaking of balance the littlest guy found it on top the table but couldn’t seem to find a clean shirt. What else is new?

They make it look so easy. Our kids should be the muse.

For Skin Cancer Awareness month- know that if you have a persistent sore red open spot on the lip that does not resolve with thick lip balm after one to two weeks you should call for an evisit or a in person appointment. The stakes are higher on a lip so don’t wait another day!


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