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Small beauties (like this wild turkey) arrive in our day and become the elements that steal our attention. We are luckier for them, since attention is one of our most precious commodities.

The boys the often vying for it.

It’s not necessarily that one seeks our attention at the expense of the other. But more so that they want to protect their time with us. The phone is often ringing. Work calls upon us to do just one more thing; gardens need planting; dishes and clothes and counters need washing, etc. There is always more to do. If we are not careful we can miss the magic in our swiftly moving moments.

Earlier this week many of our irises boomed and we missed the beautiful peak. This little wild flower bloomed as well right under our noses. Our attention was somewhere else. We will have to wait for next year to try again, but at least now we know it is worth waiting for.

Something in the wind had A’s attention as he lay in his hammock rocking and thinking. Oh to get a glimpse inside that mind! It is beautifu!

Hope you’re enjoying something so deserving of your attention tonight.


Dr Swae

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