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A Piece of the Pie

Hi on Saturday. Hoping you’re okay. We are okay here, getting ready for the end of the night.

We went to our neighbor’s farmstand and picked up some beautiful veggies while we wait for ours to grow. We even got to hang with these two gals relaxing outside.

Later on a short drive we passed this great shop where we got to enjoy some summery treats. Inside the stand there are messages from the baker. The gist- “May everyone leave happier”. Like so many places up here, it’s run on an honor system. We could all use some more places like this.

We had a great visit from Nana today, outside in beautiful weather, under the umbrella. The boys were grateful for her visit (and the treats that come with guests). And Scott and I were grateful we got to see the maple helicopters fly in big gusts from a storm surge that came roaring in like wildfire, and then, was gone.

Still have to get these last little guys in the ground which will probably be our project for tomorrow. They have so much stress when we transition them. It’s hard to watch. I wonder how much of this I could avoid if I did it just a little better. I wonder that sometimes for my boys too.

But as long as home is good and the love and resources are there, all should be well.

Overall it was a great night. Hoping yours was too.


Dr Swae

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